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Prof. David Robertson.- Social computation and multi-agent systems
Head of School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Chair: Franco Zambonelli - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Wednesday, 10:30 to 11.30, Sala Menor

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, Dr. Hohei Ogawa and Geminoid HI-4. .- Advanced Studies on Humanoids and Androids
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, University of Osaka, Japan
Chair: Juan M. Corchado - University of Salamanca (Spain)
Thursday, 10:30 to 11.30, Sala Menor

François Pachet. .- Virtual muscians and live jazz performance
Deputy Director, SONY Computer Science Laboratory Paris, France
Chair: Yves Demazeau - CNRS (France)
Friday, 10:30 to 11.30, Sala Menor

mis4TEL 1: Methologies and Instructional design

Wednesday, 11.30-13.30, Room 2 | Chair: Daniel Manrique - Technical University of Madrid (Spain)

  • Extreme Apprenticeship Meets Playful Design at Operating Systems Labs: A Case Study -Vincenzo Del Fatto, Gabriella Dodero, Rosella Gennari, and Naomi Mastachi
  • The relationship between psycho-pedagogical and usability data in the TERENCE evaluation methodology -Cecilia MR, Cofini V, di Mascio T, Vittorini P
  • Many children and short project timing: how TERENCE harmonized these conflicting requirements -Tania di Mascio, Alessandra Melonio, Laura Tarantino, Pierpaolo Vittorini
  • Study of the Evolution of the Underlying Social Network of Discussion and Generation of New Ideas Applying an Instructional and Learning Model -Fernando Alonso, José Font, Genoveva López, Daniel Manrique
  • Development of Sign Language Communication Skill on children through Augmented Reality and the MuCy model - Jonathan Cadeñanes and Angelica Gonzalez Arrieta
  • The assessment of motivation in technology based learning environments: The Italian version of the Achievement Goal Questionnaire-Revised -Daniela Raccanello, Margherita Brondino, Margherita Pasini, Bianca De Bernardi

mis4TEL 2: Artificial Intelligence to serve learning environments

Wednesday, 15.00-16.20, Room 2 | Chair: Pierpaolo Vittorini - University of L'aquila (Italy)

  • Identifying Weak Sentences in Student Drafts: A Tutoring System -Samuel González López, Steven Bethard, Aurelio López-López
  • Assisting Students in Writing by Examining How Their Ideas are Connected -Samuel González López, Aurelio López-López
  • Personalizing E-Learning 2.0 Using Recommendations -Martina Holenko Dlab, Natasa Hoic-Bozic, Jasminka Mezak
  • Learning Object Repositories with federated searcher over the Cloud -Fernando De la Prieta, Ana B. Gil, Antonio Juan Sanchez Martín, and Carolina Zato

mis4TEL 3: Psychology and Pedagogy

Wednesday, 16.20-17.20, Room 2 | Chair: Margherita Pasini - University of Verona (Italy)

  • Psychometric tests in the field of drawing based in timing measurements -C. Lopez, F. Lopez, L.F. Castillo, M. Bedia, T. Gomez and M. Aguilera
  • Achieving diagnostic expertise through technology: a cue based approach. -Barbara Giacominelli, Margherita Pasini, Rob Hall
  • Achievement goals as antecedents of achievement emotions: The 3 X 2 achievement goal model as a framework for learning environments design -Margherita Brondino, Daniela Raccanello, Margherita Pasini